Entry #69

A useful blog post.

2017-03-13 02:18:40 by Acid-Notation

Q: What program do you use?

A: FL studio 12


Q: Do you take requests?

A: I don’t even know anymore.


Q: Do you take commissions?

A: Yes, e-mail me for pricing (it varies), but be aware it won’t be cheap. acidnotation@hotmail.com


Q: Can I use this in my thing?

A: This is my usage policy: https://goo.gl/iyv1Hp


Q: Why is your name Acid-Notation?

A: I like acid synths. That is pretty much it, no story here.


Q: Do you play Geometry Dash?

A: No, the game does not interest me.


This FAQ will most likely not be updated. This one will be: https://goo.gl/nuiG1K