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A useful blog post.

2017-03-13 02:18:40 by Acid-Notation

Q: What program do you use?

A: FL studio 12


Q: Do you take requests?

A: I don’t even know anymore.


Q: Do you take commissions?

A: Yes, e-mail me for pricing (it varies), but be aware it won’t be cheap.


Q: Can I use this in my thing?

A: This is my usage policy:


Q: Why is your name Acid-Notation?

A: I like acid synths. That is pretty much it, no story here.


Q: Do you play Geometry Dash?

A: No, the game does not interest me.


This FAQ will most likely not be updated. This one will be:

Music buffering...

2016-10-09 22:12:19 by Acid-Notation

I'm just awaiting for a response on how to handle a mass submission upload and then the show is back on the road. The expectation is having to do something like one submission per day, so I don't start a fire over uploading 30 or so songs in an hour.

Yes, you can use them in your Geometry Dash levels. Do not contact me for usage regarding Geometry Dash.


Max audio uploads is four per day. I'll start uploading after some sleep.

I'm Acid-Notation

2016-08-19 15:35:04 by Acid-Notation

"scratchR" is an old obsolete name I created for this account before getting involved in music. I am no longer uploading to this account due to the evident confusion in who is the original artist.

once again

ACID-NOTATION not scratchR

I'll state the most important information first here...

This is not a farewell from music altogether, I am only going to no longer use my Newgrounds account. My YouTube and SoundCloud accounts will remain active. You can find them in the list of links on my profile. This account will not be deleted, nor its music, but I will likely stop signing into it after some time.

Now the explanation.

A long time ago, (in this galaxy) I created this account for the purpose of solely supporting some fellow game developers who managed to learn flash. My ventures in simplistic game design eventually led me to the idea that I should make music for my games. At the time an artist name was unnecessary because I was obviously unaware of where this would lead to. Eventually my interest in game design faded, but my interest in music still remained and continued to grow. With this, eventually came a name, but with no way to change the name of my account. This is where my problems arose.

As I continue to rise in popularity gradually, this account becomes more troublesome to continue. I simply do not want to deal with the confusion between accounts at who's work is who's. A name change would certainly resolve it, however, after some attempts of requests, it is highly unlikely that it will occur. The other option would be an account change, but as I've learned from other situations, if you try to transfer your fan base from one place to another, roughly 0.25-2% will do so. Therefore, this scenario is just about the same.

Although, with this in mind, I would still like to thank you all sincerely for the great support you have shown me on this site. It is not an overstatement to say you are much of the reason to why I have continued music production for this long. This is where I began, as I've stated above, and because of that the influence your crticism has caused was what gave me the motivation to know that I was doing something right.


Oof. That was rather serious and dramatic. K well back to shooting boxy titans and watching loli magical girls. Probably going to regret viewing the latter. 

Here's something cute for your trouble:

Here's something cute for your trouble.

Streaming stuff

2014-05-06 00:30:34 by Acid-Notation

If you're interested in watching me play some games or want to ask me some questions directly, you should check out my twitch stream:

I've been forgetting out you Newgrounds blog. Well at least that leaves me with the ability to make something with decent info...

I'm well out of high school and on to taking coursework in music production. Nothing to interesting so far, due to that I must first take some required courses before getting into anything more specific. Still, learning legal aspects and other info is intriguing. Come the end of my courses, changes will most likely be occurring. However, it's more likely some of these will develop overtime. The obvious of these would be my music being sold commercially. Others would include record label stuff, work for companies or people, or other stuff I won't expect. This will happen at more than a year from now, so nothing to be concerned about currently.

What's next song-wise? I have no idea. A Halloween EP seems unlikely, but I'll probably manage 1 spooky song, since the style tends to be fun to make. There are always plenty of fish in the sea of video game tunes, but I would prefer to wait a couple of songs before delving into those waters again.

As for gaming, games, and video games...
Dat Terraria 1.2 update is looking juicy. I was ready months ago.

Steam. Gaben. Linux. OS. Box. *CENSOR* (warning spoiler: )
Especially with NVidia suddenly jumping behind this with offering support for Linux, this is quickly becoming a big topic. I'm really interested to see how this takes off because Linux has been around for ages, but in all that time has never truly received any recognition.

Now picture this...

2013-06-23 08:00:22 by Acid-Notation

For a half hour... 1 & 1/2 minutes of Dispenz0r's fun server

I found quality music

2013-05-16 02:52:57 by Acid-Notation

Thank you Board Game Online.

Trash Bin EP

2013-03-18 23:09:02 by Acid-Notation

I've got a bunch of songs sitting around that I haven't released for other reasons. I've also got a couple other songs I want to make and may or may not be able to fit in for this. But with all these random songs sitting around, I might as well release them in an EP when spring break hits. Thus the Trash Bin EP.

As usual, this info was posted yesterday on my Facebook account, so I'm going to recommend again that you follow it.

I kept forgetting to post here that a vocalist had contacted me on Newgrounds here in that he wanted to collaborate with me on an EP. That was like a month ago. So now the EP is done on my part and I'm waiting on Russell Elliott to do what he does best. I did contact him about my record label and he's fine with releasing the EP under them, so the EP will be released under BassReset.

And of course I'm going to continue to tell you to follow my Facebook page because this info was posted on there long before here:

And also give the very talented man, Russell Elliott, a listen:

In other news, I'm feeling like a Glitch Hop remix of some video game tune sounds particularly kinky. Anyone got any suggestions? It won't be a part of the EP. Just stuff for after it.