I should probably post something here...

2013-09-26 07:39:47 by Acid-Notation

I've been forgetting out you Newgrounds blog. Well at least that leaves me with the ability to make something with decent info...

I'm well out of high school and on to taking coursework in music production. Nothing to interesting so far, due to that I must first take some required courses before getting into anything more specific. Still, learning legal aspects and other info is intriguing. Come the end of my courses, changes will most likely be occurring. However, it's more likely some of these will develop overtime. The obvious of these would be my music being sold commercially. Others would include record label stuff, work for companies or people, or other stuff I won't expect. This will happen at more than a year from now, so nothing to be concerned about currently.

What's next song-wise? I have no idea. A Halloween EP seems unlikely, but I'll probably manage 1 spooky song, since the style tends to be fun to make. There are always plenty of fish in the sea of video game tunes, but I would prefer to wait a couple of songs before delving into those waters again.

As for gaming, games, and video games...
Dat Terraria 1.2 update is looking juicy. I was ready months ago.

Steam. Gaben. Linux. OS. Box. *CENSOR* (warning spoiler: http://www.faqs.org/patents/app/20110105231 )
Especially with NVidia suddenly jumping behind this with offering support for Linux, this is quickly becoming a big topic. I'm really interested to see how this takes off because Linux has been around for ages, but in all that time has never truly received any recognition.


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