New EP is nearing completion

2013-01-15 20:28:31 by Acid-Notation

I kept forgetting to post here that a vocalist had contacted me on Newgrounds here in that he wanted to collaborate with me on an EP. That was like a month ago. So now the EP is done on my part and I'm waiting on Russell Elliott to do what he does best. I did contact him about my record label and he's fine with releasing the EP under them, so the EP will be released under BassReset.

And of course I'm going to continue to tell you to follow my Facebook page because this info was posted on there long before here:

And also give the very talented man, Russell Elliott, a listen:

In other news, I'm feeling like a Glitch Hop remix of some video game tune sounds particularly kinky. Anyone got any suggestions? It won't be a part of the EP. Just stuff for after it.


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2013-01-20 10:43:04

Fantastic! Nice to know, I was wondering right about know how all was going on your side :)

Not sure if it may be cool enought for you, but lately I'm playing Sanctum and its ambient tracks are pretty cool (and relaxing).

Acid-Notation responds:

Actually, I completed the song. It was rather short because of how little the MIDI file gave me to work with. It will be Route 1 from pokemon silver in Glitch Hop. Just awaiting BassReset to upload it.