What ho? A record label!?

2012-12-25 01:24:43 by Acid-Notation

Some news that has come up that's good for me and hopefully won't matter much at all to you guys. In my ventures on plug.dj, I attracted a record label: BassReset ( http://www.bassreset.com/ ). They have asked for me to release exclusively under them. This will effect you in a minor way. You'll be going to a different YouTube channel for music from me. That's pretty much it. My music will still be free for everyone to download, if it isn't, I'll have that stopped. The reason for this is, as many of you have sort of complained, I'm not that popular. In fact, even someone of the people of BassReset made the same remark. For those of you who don't know, record labels are basically promotional services for music.

If you want listen or just hang around with me or other good folks of common music interest you should go to the BassReset room here: http://plug.dj/bassreset/ . This is what I leave open if I need background music. Messages make noise, so I'll most likely respond. And god damn that sounds like advertising for them, but no, it isn't.

Merry Christmas guys!


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2012-12-25 09:30:02

Yo bro, I'm with BassReset as well! :D I'm featured on their Christmas EP Wreck The Halls under the name Oakwood. Good to have you man, you're music is awesome! :)

Merry Christmas!

Acid-Notation responds:

Many thanks and merry Christmas to you too!


2012-12-25 12:01:33

Merry Christmas ;)

Acid-Notation responds:



2012-12-26 23:05:04

It seems a good news for you, I'm really pleased about it :)
By the way I don't care about your popularity till I can have your music at any moment.
I hope you've passed a good Christmas :D

Acid-Notation responds:

Glad to hear you're pleased as well. And my Christmas was very enjoyable and I hope yours was as well!


2012-12-27 12:21:46

Well I think a congratulations is in order! *Cheers*
I hope this bodes well for your future in the music world and I wish you the best of luck even though this doesn't mean much will change.

The Doctor

P.S. Merry Christmas & have a Happy New Year!

Acid-Notation responds:

Many thanks and hope you had a merry Christmas as well!


2013-01-03 10:35:31

you go girl!

Acid-Notation responds: