If I were to livestream gameplay...

2012-07-25 01:14:48 by Acid-Notation

Would you watch me?

It would mostly consist of Team Fortress 2 gameplay. Though, I do build some pretty large creations on Minecraft that I probably could broadcast as I build them. I do have a webcam, so you will see my lovely face and hear my manly voice. I'm still debating whether or not I would live stream me creating music.

Please reply, if you would watch, because I require a sufficient number of guaranteed viewers in order to have reason to actually livestream.

Also, if you could reply with a URL to your steam community profile (if you have one), I can send you a message when I'm streaming.

I probably won't be streaming due to issues with FME (streaming software) not being able to detect recording devices, such as VAC. I was forced to completely remove all related files after receiving two consecutive blue screens. The only way I'm going to be live streaming is if I can Xsplit and I'm not going to be paying that lovely price tag. The only solution would be a donation, which I simply cannot expect to happen. And thus ends this idea...


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